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1.General information
This course is suitable for students who master Dutch at a high level and who want to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. After this course, your Dutch language skills will be virtually flawless. For example, you will have no trouble reading a novel or watching a play. B2 -> B2/C1 is the right course for you if your Dutch is already at a high level. For example, you can already speak on a variety of topics, whether informal, formal or business. You can also give your opinion in an argument or report and you will have no trouble writing a letter of complaint, instruction or essay.

After this course, your Dutch will be as good as perfect. You can read letters, e-mails, novels, articles and columns with ease. You also have no difficulty understanding business correspondence and can respond adequately to it, for example by writing a report, report or argument. You can speak effortlessly on a variety of topics, for example during a presentation or meeting. If you are interrupted during a call, you can easily pick it up again. Grammar covered in this course includes passive sentences (the book was written by him), modal particles (sort of stop words, such as once, but, maybe and yet), separable verbs (clean up – I clean up), and non- separable verbs (persuade, discover) and the use of will and would.

2. Duration
10 weeks 

3. Study load
8 to 10 hour self-tuition a week and 3 interactive group session within the 8 weeks duration

4. This course is for
You already followed the B2 ->B2/C1 at our company or you have similar level.
The course B2/C1->C1 (according to the CEFR-level) is a basic course that is given online. This course is to everybody that would like to learn the Dutch speaking, writing, reading and listening)

5. Rate

6. Schedule and subscription
Available places: 6

 7. Materials
In this course we use a well-known acknowledge book. Please keep in mind that the cost of this book is not included in the price of the course.

 8. Minimum of participants
The minimum number of participants is 6 students. The online course is suitable for small and large groups.

 9. Which level suits me best?
After enrolment, a link for the test will be sent. After finishing this test and sending us the results, they will be assessed. Based on this assessment you will be linked to a class/teacher. 

10. Advice and proof of participation
When the score is 55% or more, you will receive a certificate of participation. This final score is based on performance in the online course, such as participation in the interactive sessions, the assessments of the writing and speaking assignments and the test results.


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