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1. General information
Do you master the Dutch language at a high level, but do you want to learn Dutch even better? Then this course is for you. During this course you will expand your Dutch in the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening. You will also learn new grammar. To participate in this course, your Dutch must already be at a high level. For example, you can already understand lectures and conversations, even if they deal with lesser-known topics. Your active command of Dutch is also good: you can speak about your feelings, give your opinion and advise someone and you have no trouble writing a letter of complaint, report, instruction or essay

2. Duration
10 weeks (of which 8 weeks under the supervision of a teacher)

3. Study load
8 to 10 hour self-tuition a week and 3 interactive group session within the 8 weeks duration

4. Rate

5. Schadule and subscription
Available places: 7

Start date:
End date:

6. Materials
In this course we use a well-known acknowledge book. Please keep in mind that the cost of this book is not included in the price of the course.

After your enrolment, you will get the link where you can order your book.

7. Minimum of participants
The minimum number of participants is 6 students. The online course is suitable for small and large groups.

8. What level suits me best?
After your enrolment, you will get a link, where you can find the test.

9. Advice and proof of participation
When the score is 55% or more, you will receive a certificate of participation. This final score is based on performance in the online course, such as participation in the interactive sessions, the assessments of the writing and speaking assignments and the test results.


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