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1.General Information
After completing this training you will notice that you begin to understand the Dutch culture in every way. When you participate in this course, you have a decent knowledge of the Dutch language. Your world in Dutch is expanding: you will talk about topics such as crime, politics and technological developments. During the training, the teacher will bring your language skills to a higher level by offering varied teaching material and interactive exercises. But also authentic material, such as newspapers and television programs, are the basis for improving and diving into the language.

2. Duration
10 weeks 

 3. Study load
8 to 10 hour self-tuition a week and 3 interactive group session within the 8 weeks duration

4. Rate

5. Schedule and subscription
Available places: 6

6. Materials
In this course we use a well-known acknowledge book. Please keep in mind that the cost of this book is not included in the price of the course.

7. Minimum of participants
The minimum number of participants is 6 students. The online course is suitable for small and large groups.

8. Which level suits me best?
After enrolment, a link for the test will be sent. After finishing this test and sending us the results, they will be assessed. Based on this assessment you will be linked to a class/teacher. 

9. At the end of this course
– The student can quickly determine all kinds of messages, articles or reports whether it is worth studying them in more detail
– The student can understand complex information about subjects from daily life or his own profession or field – The student can express feelings in a nuanced way and respond adequately to the feelings of others
– The student is able to make a clear and detailed argument about subjects from his own sphere of interest or work area
– The student can take an initiative in an interview, develop ideas and expand them with a little help or encouragement from the interlocutor
– The student can understand detailed announcements and instructions
– The student can reliably pass on detailed information
– The student can take the initiative in an interview, can develop ideas and expand them with a little help or encouragement from the interlocutor
– The student can write adequate business and formal letters
– The student can make a comprehensible summary.

10. Advice and proof of participation
When the score is 55% or more, you will receive a certificate of participation. This final score is based on performance in the online course, such as participation in the interactive sessions, the assessments of the writing and speaking assignments and the test results.

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Date Time Day Availability

3 oktober 2022

4 oktober 2022

18:30- 20:00

18:30- 20:00

Monday- Thursday

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