About us

Who is Expatrium?
We are a young team of teachers with years of experience in prodviding Dutch lessons to people of foreign origin. Because we mainly focus on this specific group, our knowledge and experience keeps growing. We believe in the strengths and talents of our target group. Due to our knowledge and experience and by believing in the talents of people, we are convinced that we can offer an exciting goal-achieving program, with room for flexibilty.

More information about our lessons.
You will reveive the four aspects of the Dutch language: reading, listening, writing and speaking. You will be trained to take the state exam or to improve your Dutch language communications skills.

Target audience
Participants are 18 years or older, highly educated and you are no longer subject to an integration obligation (de inburgering). You would like to learn the Dutch language or improve your Dutch. Or to obtain a NT2/B1 diploma, for example to be able to find work, keep your current job or find a better paying job.

Admission requirements
Drive and motivation are required to live up to the results and the expectations. Some knowledge of the English language is also required. In order to continue to follow the course successfully, it is necessary that you complete the assigned homework of each lesson. If you have attended at least 80% of the lessons, there will be a test at the end of the course to determine whether you have reached the aimed level. If the final score is satisfactory, a statment will be issued. This will give you access to the next language level.