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1.General information
You participate in this course if you are an absolute beginner. Because you mainly need the Dutch language for daily use, the teacher pays a lot of attention to practical situations such as introducing yourself to Dutch speakers, having a telephone conversation in Dutch, doing the shopping, et cetera. Naturally, you will mainly learn to speak Dutch and to understand simple instructions and texts. In addition, the teacher also pays some attention to writing skills and you learn to apply the basic rules of Dutch grammar.

2. Duration
10 weeks 

3. Study load
8 to 10 hour self-tuition a week and 3 interactive group session within the 8 weeks duration

4. Rate

5. Subscription
The maximum number of participants is 6 students.

6. Materials
In this course we use a well-known acknowledge book. Please keep in mind that the cost of this book is not included in the price of the course.

7. Minimum of participants
The minimum number of participants is 6 students. 

8. Which level suits me best?
After enrolment, a link for the test will be sent.  After finishing this test and sending us the results, they will be assessed. Based on this assessment you will be linked to a class/teacher. 

9. At the end of this course

– The student can exchange information about personal details. 
– The student can have small talks about family, time and seasons. 
– The student can have conversations in restaurants and cafés. 
– The student can read informative texts.  
– The student can ask questions about fruit and vegetables at the market.
– The student can read and write recipes. 
– The student can ask and provide infomation about clothing. 
– The student can write an advertisement for a living space.  


10. Advice and proof of participation.
When the score is 55% or more, you will receive a certificate of participation. This final score is based on performance in the online course, such as participation in the interactive sessions, the assessments of the writing and speaking assignments and the test results.