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Would you like to learn Dutch without having to travel? Would you like to decide for yourself where and when you want to learn behind your laptop? Our program is designed in a way that you can achieve your goals in a structured way. You will learn Dutch in a varied way with using method. Our lessons consist of self-study and joint sessions in small groups.

Our courses are fully online with 8 CEFR levels from 0 to C1.

The course is intensive and lasts 8 weeks. There will be a two-hout lesson every week. The online lessons will be guided by a certified teacher. In order to achieve a succesful course, you are expexted to spend an average of 8-10 hours weekly. Theses hours consist of self-study, individual assignment and speaking assignment in pairs.

The method we use consists of self-study assignment, writing assignments to practice speaking skills and test. Speaking skills will be trained using both individual assignments, assignments done in pairs and group assignments. Every week a part of the assignment will be completed during selfstudy and discussed during the lessons. In order to receive teachers feedback, assignments must be submitted two days in advance of the weekly lessons.

For this course the number of patricipants varies from six-eight students. The online course is suitable for both small and large groups depending on the difficulty level. The sessions are planned in consultation with students, in order to provide the opportunity to everyone to participate.

Participant will receive a certificate of participation when achieving a final score of 55% or higer. This score is based on performance during the entire course and will be based on:

- Participation in the interactive sessions
- Writing assignments
- Speaking assignments
- Test results.

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  • 40 lessons

By subscribing to our private lessons, you agree to the terms and conditions (private lessons)

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